When Chemists Go to Washington: 45 Years of the ACS Public Policy Fellowships

Location: Indigo 202 B, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Date & Time: Monday, Aug 26 8:30 AM Duration: 3 hours Organizers: Caroline Trupp Gil, Kevin Kuhn, Raymond ForslundNominal Cosponsors: CCPA, SCHB Program Summary:  8:30 Introductory Remarks. 8:35 Science and public policy: Career choices and social responsibility. D.L. Garin 8:55 The Hill Reaction: How a year on Capitol Hill changed me…and […]

Chemical Angel Network: Chemists Investing in Chemical Companies

Location: Room 29D, San Diego Convention Center Date & Time: Sunday, Aug 25 1:30 PM Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes   Organizers: Janet Bryant, Sidney White Presider: Mark Vreeke   Primary Sponsor: BMGT – Division of Business Development and Management; Cooperative Cosponsor: SCHB; Nominal Cosponsor: PROF; Financial Cosponsor: CIEC   Official Program Link: https://plan.core-apps.com/acs_sd2019/event/b710e3b662ee253c5b26d029a78fa944