Scientific Visualizations & Creative Presentations – Morning Session

Date & Time: Tuesday, Mar 24 8:00 AM
Duration: 4 hours
Sponsored by CINF, Cosponsored by CPRC and PROF
Financial Cosponsors: Waters, Agilent, C&E News
Description: Effectively communicating chemistry is often a challenge, whether we are speaking to our colleagues or to the public at large. The key is to identify the goal of and audience for the interaction so that we can produce the right message and disseminate it using relevant channels. Advances in computer technology and visualization techniques along with the rise of social media have created both opportunities and challenges for communicating chemistry. This symposium aims to promote more effective communication and provide a forum for networking and information exchange. The emphasis is to prepare more creative presentations, especially using well-designed graphics and animations, posters, and other techniques in order to better communicate, teach, and promote science. Speakers will discuss the latest developments regarding communication as well as share their experiences and best practices.

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Tuesday March 24, 2020
Scientific Visualizations & Creative Presentations - Morning Session

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