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Our mission is creating inclusive communities, resources, and programming for the benefit of chemical professionals across the globe, throughout their careers.

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  • Provide a home for international members from all chemical disciplines to interact and discuss issues pertaining to professional development in their home countries and across the globe
  • Assess, expand awareness and address the needs of international members with respect to professional development in their home countries and across the globe
  • Advocate for international members through representation on ACS Council
  • Deliver programming at International, National and Regional meetings relevant to global issues
  • Assist international members in finding and accessing the many existing development resources within ACS
  • Collaborate with International Activities Committee, International Chapters, PROF Subdivisions, Technical Divisions, Committees or other ACS units as appropriate, to advance the Subdivision’s mission

Why you should join

  • You are interested in interacting and collaborating with ACS members on professional issues across the globe and across scientific disciplines
  • You support the goals of this subdivision
  • You have skills or expertise that are valuable to the international community
  • You want to learn what the ACS has to offer its international members

How to join

ACS Member Services

P.O. Box 182426
Columbus, OH 43218-2426

US Only – 1-800-333-9511
Outside the US – +614-447-3776

PROF International

How to get involved

  • Be an ACS member in good standing
  • Join the Division of Professional Relations
  • Follow the instructions for adding a subdivision to your membership

Stay Informed

Find announcements at the ACS Member Network Group called “Chemists with Disabilities”