Planning for Retirement

Date & Time: Tuesday, Mar 24 1:00 PM
Duration: 4 hours
Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by SCC and SCHB

Planning for Retirement

Cosponsored by SCC and SCHB

  1. Meyer, S. S. White, Organizers
  2. D. Archer, Organizer, Presiding

1:00   Introductory Remarks.

1:05 57. Retiring gracefully: Managing life after work.  D. Oslin

1:30 58. Retirement: Financial issues.  E. Meyer

1:55 59. Deciding to move to a retirement community.  A.M. Wilson

2:15 60. Retirement Activities to Keep You Breathless – and Happy!  M. Orna

2:35 61. Skydiving Into retirement:Enjoy the ride and land softly.  W.F. Carroll

2:55 62. Fascinating facts about retired chemists I learned from editing the Senior Chemists Newsletter.  L.G. Hartshorn

3:15 63. Tips for success in retirement: Some personal examples.  T.R. Beattie

3:35 64. Diversity: Key to a happy retirement.  R.D. Archer

3:55 65. Your experience is too important to be wasted.  A.E. Pavlath

4:15 66. Activities of a Retired Chemist.  R.A. Yokley

4:35 67. The Chemical Angel Network-an opportunity to help early stage chemical businesses grow and create jobs for chemists.  S.S. White, M. Vreeke, J.C. Giordan

4:55 Concluding Remarks.



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Tuesday March 24, 2020
Planning for Retirement

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