Open Dialogue on Diversity, Inclusion, & Respect

Our Divisional Mission is first, and foremost, to create inclusive communities. This is most often focused on chemical professionals but goes way beyond the bench and the chemical enterprise. It involves our families, our friends, and our local communities, because being a professional doesn’t stop when you leave the lab. It doesn’t take a coffee break when you leave your office. Inclusivity and respect for others is a fundamental way of life and when we don’t value the lives of our colleagues within the black community, we are purposefully disrespecting what it is to be a human, let alone a chemist.

As chemists devoted to the professional development of our fellow chemistry practitioners, our Division must elevate the level of dialogue around the social injustice that has permeated every aspect of our society, including our own Society. We must speak out for those that feel unheard and defend their repressed opinions and contributions to our profession. We must continue to create inclusive communities wherever we live, wherever we work, wherever we so desperately desire to create a better world through chemistry.

To help with this process, the ACS Division of Professional Relations will be hosting an open dialogue to answer questions, get feedback on how ACS can provide tangible support, and most importantly, let your voices be heard. Please join us for a panel discussion with Society leaders Janet Bryant (PROF Chair, 2020), Gloria Thomas (PROF past-Chair Women Chemists Subdivision & past-Chair Minority Chemists Subdivision), Leyte Winfield (PROF Chair Minority Chemists Subdivision), Ann Kimble-Hill (Chair of ACS Committee on Minority Affairs), and Benjamin Fiore-Walker (Manager, ACS Department of Diversity Programs). The focus of this discussion will be to have an open dialogue with PROF members, with an emphasis on identifying what PROF and the ACS can do to act for positive change.

Open Dialogue on Diversity, Inclusion, & Respect

Friday, June 12th

2:00 – 3:30pm EST

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During the meeting, questions and comments will be taken LIVE from the audience, but we are also soliciting questions in advance of the meeting. If there are questions you would like to submit anonymously, prior to the meeting, please provide them at the following link:

We hope you can join us and look forward to hearing your voice!

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