When Chemists Go to Washington: 45 Years of the ACS Public Policy Fellowships

Date & Time: Monday, Aug 26 8:30 AM
Duration: 3 hours
Organizers: Caroline Trupp Gil, Kevin Kuhn, Raymond ForslundNominal Cosponsors: CCPA, SCHB

Program Summary: 

8:30 Introductory Remarks.
8:35 Science and public policy: Career choices and social responsibility. D.L. Garin
8:55 The Hill Reaction: How a year on Capitol Hill changed me…and my Life. N.E. Noonan
9:15 Career unwound: The road less traveled. A.M. Boccanfuso
9:35 Show me the money: Lessons learned working for the U.S. Senate Budget Committee. K.M. Omberg
9:55 Intermission.
10:05 In defense of being non-traditional: Building a career that plays to my strengths. C.W. Avery
10:25 A science policy course for undergraduates or “What I did after my sabbatical.”. L.E. Pence
10:45 ACS Science Policy Fellowship: Experience beyond expectations. S.H. DeLuca
11:05 ACS Public Policy fellowships. C. Trupp Gil
11:25 Concluding Remarks.


Official Program Link: https://plan.core-apps.com/acs_sd2019/event/285efb1e81423867d7c4d6eb34363b71 

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Monday August 26
Location: Indigo 202 B, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

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