LGBTQ+ Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Research Symposium Posters

Location: Exhibit Hall B/C, Pennsylvania Convention Center
Date & Time: Monday, Mar 23 2:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by BIOL, PRES

LGBTQ+ Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Research Symposium Posters

  1. Eytel, T. P. Yoon, Organizers

2:00 – 4:00

  1. Wide Range of Tunability in Persistent Micelle Templating. A. Sarkar, M. Stefik
  2. Co-encapsulation of TMZ and Cy5 in EGFR targeted biodegradable nanoparticles for improved TMZ efficacy and glioblastoma theranostics. R. Schmitt, S. Mahajan, K. Cwilinski, P.N. Prasad
  3. Designing bimetallic Fe(III) complexes as T1MRI contrast agents.  A. Rivera, J.R. Morrow
  4. Sticky lipids alter the wettability of lipid-clay films. B.L. Kessenich, N. Pokhrel, E. Nakouzi, J.K. Kibue, M. Flury, L. Maibaum, J.D. Yoreo
  5. Characterization of metal-loaded mimetic melanin by magnetometry. K.S. Cay, J.D. Rinehart
  6. Progress toward development of a more acid stable epothilone for use as an ADC payload. H. Imlay, L. Chen, O. John-Fatinikun, A. Fojo, D. Sackett, J.L. Leighton
  7. Determining the Molecular Target of Biliatresone, a Plant Isoflavenoid That Causes Biliary Atresia. A.D. Glass, J.D. Winkler
  8. Amide Bond Equilibration: Development of a Chemical Strategy to Access Lasso Peptides. L. Digal, A. Ghorai, A. Roberts
  9. Antibacterial and antiparasitic activity of novel brominated vinylic fatty acids. V. Jauregui, D. Alequin-Torres, N.M. Carballeira
  10. Rippled β-sheets from sequence mismatched L- and D- amphipathic peptides. E. Quigley, D. Raymond, B.L. Nilsson
  11. Aerobic C–H functionalization of simple arenes promoted by mild Brønsted acid additives. J. Sampson, L. Wang, B.P. Carrow
  12. Mechanism of Polymerization of rac-Lactide by Aluminum Indolide Catalysts. S. Chiniforoush, A.M. Luke, A. Peterson, M. Mandal, Y. Popowski, H. Sajjad, C.J. Bouchey, B. Graziano, L.J. Yao, T.M. Reineke, W.B. Tolman, C.J. Cramer, D. Shopov
  13. 1H NMR Spectrum board game: A new active learning tool for undergraduate students. Z. Thammavongsy, M. Morris, R.D. Link

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Monday March 23, 2020
LGBTQ+ Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Research Symposium Posters

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