Inclusive Pedagogy Toolkit for Scientists

Active PROF Member and former Treasurer Sarah Kennedy has assembled an incredible resource for educators! We are pleased to share this with you, our PROF membership, and encourage you to spread it widely throughout the chemistry community.

Introduction from the Authors

This toolkit is intended to provide you with resources for further learning about and some strategies for inclusive pedagogy. We are all on a journey to understand our identities and how those identities affect the way we move through the world and interact with others. Creating an inclusive classroom does not happen by instituting just a few new strategies. It is a process that will likely take years. It happens over time in becoming self-aware of how your teaching methods and materials affect students from different backgrounds than your own, in learning about your students and their identities, and in keeping up with the scholarship on inclusive pedagogy. It is well worth the effort because your students will notice, and you will help move the needle on closing equity gaps and making the sciences a welcoming place for all students.We hope this toolkit will assist you on your journey.

Attribution: Winfrey, M. & Kennedy, S. (2020). Inclusive Pedagogy Toolkit for Scientists. Radford University.

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