The Value of Involvement with PROF

Author: Jarrod Cohen, Ph.D. Chair-Elect, ACS Division of Professional Relations

This blog post highlights ways you can be involved with PROF at a National meeting, highlighting programming that is promised to be engaging. He also mentions ways to get involved and start or expand on building your ACS leadership. Lastly, he recognizes several individuals for their contributions to the division and profession! Check it out as soon as you can to make the most of your membership to PROF. 

Being Being, Getting, and Recognizing Those Involved 

A warm hello to all of our members and a warm welcome to our newest members! Its hard to believe that national meeting if only one week away. As I write this, I want this to not just focus on highlighting all of our amazing programming but also tell you how to make the most of your meeting and get the most out of the Division of Professional Relations! 


PROF has some amazing programming coming up at the national meeting including talks focused on our amazing subdivisions like the newly named ACS PRIDE which will host its annual LGBTQ+ Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar Symposium, or some of our key sessions around professional development like our All Roads Through Chemistry Session focusing on all the career paths you can take with your chemistry degree or our COMPASS mentorship session. In addition to these, we have some that combine everything that encompasses PROF’s mission and goals like our Underrepresented Minorities within the Chemical Industry: What Industry is Doing to Improve DEIR in Talent, Acquisition, & Retention. If you cannot make a traditional technical talk, PROF is also excited to participate and host different social events to promote networking, meeting people, and getting some free food and swag! You can find us at Sci-Mix, at our Meet & Greet with other PROF members, our open membership meeting, or even our URM Networking Session with some really amazing food and industry partners! We cannot wait to see you there!  


As many of you can attest, the power of the Division of Professional Relations is in its diverse and active membership. With many current and past board members, committee members, and presidential succession, it is evident that PROF is the home for ALL chemists. With that being said, our division can only be as strong as its volunteers. We have an army of involved members, helping us provide content for our website, programming at national and regional meetings, networking, and engaging with all of you! As we move forward in 2023 with a new strategic plan, we are looking for new volunteers to help keep our momentum moving forward. To not only build our volunteer pool but also provide leadership opportunities for our members, I have listed ways to get involved within our division.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved, I encourage you to email us at  

1.     Volunteer on one of our many divisional committees including the programming committee, membership engagement committee, awards committee, and communications committee. 

2.     Get involved with our subdivision leadership, helping as a subdivision program chair, or working with the current chair succession to define a role best fit for you!

3.     Help generate content for our website based on your career experiences through a blog post.  


PROF has some amazing people that make up its membership. So many of our members have taken others under their wings and impacted many chemist’s lives in one way or another. In order to formally recognize some of these individuals who have gone above and beyond for the profession and PROF specifically, we are extremely honored to announce several award winners for the 2023 year. Firstly, we would like to recognize Carol Duane, the 2023 Recipient of the Henry Hill Award, for service to the profession in the area of professional relations in a unique and distinguished manner. We would also like to recognize Susan Schelble, 2023 recipient of the Lou Sacco award for service to the division. Both of these awardees epitomize the meaning of being a champion for professionalism and a dedicated member of PROF. We look forward to celebrating their achievements at the San Francisco Fall 2023 National Meeting.    

Involvement can be a scary thing and for those who are just starting to explore the value of your PROF or ACS membership may feel overwhelmed. I can assure you though on behalf of the entire executive committee and many of our members, we are here to help you navigate your professional career and lead you on a path for success. If you are unsure where to begin your involvement, join us at an event in Indianapolis or send us an email and we will connect you with someone who is willing to help! Thanks to all of you for being amazing division members and we hope to see you soon! 

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