Summer 2022 Councilor Commentary

Author: Matt Grandbois, Councilor

The ACS Council Meeting was held virtually on March 23rd as part of the hybrid Spring 2022 National Meeting in San Diego, CA. Several items were discussed and acted upon by Council that have an impact on PROF Members.

Candidates for President-Elect 2023 were voted upon with Mary Carroll and Rigoberto Hernandez being selected to stand for the Fall 2022 National Election. Both Dr. Carroll and Dr. Hernandez are PROF members, so regardless of the outcome it seems like the Society will be in good hands!

Council approved a petition to amend the duties of the ACS Committee on Chemists with Disabilities (CWD) to include more inclusive language in the description of their duties. This coincided with Council approving the recommendation from the Committee on Committees (ConC) that CWD be continued as an active and critical part of the Society as part of the ConC rotational review process. As PROF Councilor, I supported both petitions with my vote.

Council also approved a petition from the ACS Committee on Budget & Finance (B&F) to establish a quasi-endowment to fund Local Section and Divisional activities. This funding was previously provided as a percentage of ACS revenues, but due to fluctuations in the recent years this new process was proposed to provide more stability in annual funding for grassroots organizations, like PROF, so I supported this petition with my vote.

Council also approved two items that affect our international colleagues. A new International Chemical Sciences Chapter was approved to be established in Switzerland and Council also approved the extension of market testing of a discount program for international dues based on World Bank country income levels. These actions will make the Society more accessible to chemists around the world, so I supported this petition with my vote.

Council approved the 2023 Schedule of Membership proposed by the Committee on Membership Affairs (MAC). This updated schedule did not change anything in terms of dues, benefits, eligibility, or privileges from the 2022 Schedule, but it was drafted to increase clarity and understanding of how the membership tier structure works. These actions will allow members to make better informed choices about their ACS membership, so I supported this petition with my vote.

Finally, Council passed several resolutions honoring recently deceased members of Council and a special resolution honoring the passing of Past ACS President Nancy Jackson. She was a fierce advocate for the Society and helped to promote the chemical profession around the world.

ACS Council will reconvene at the Fall 2022 National Meeting as a hybrid session broadcasted from Chicago later this year. If you are interested in virtually attending this session to learn more about how ACS Council works, please let me know and I can provide you viewing details once they are available.

Have a happy and safe rest of your summer!

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